Plant automation

FERRO ADELINO S.R.L. manufactures electric switchboards for the automation of poultry farms with high quality electronic and electro-mechanical products procured from the most prestigious brands that the market offers: Allen-Bradley, Abb, Weidmuller, Papperl + Fuchs, Danfuss.

Because of commercial agreements with those companies, we are able to offer you the most advanced technology at markedly competitive prices, offering in addition a support and design services.

In fact, out technical staff are able to design, build and install the product most suitable for your needs without unnecessary waste of time and resource.

For the poultry sector we have created electric switchboards able to manage the farm perfectly.

  • Weighed feeding by means of load cells
  • Control of water distribution
  • LED lighting with regulation of luminosity simulating sunrise to sunset
  • Ventilation systems
  • Control of the summer and winter air intake
  • Cooling system with Cooling and sprinklers
  • Heating systems with air generators or Kappe modulating
  • Monitoring alarm systems

The switchboard services listed above have been designed to be operated automatically by means of our AF14 or manually via single selectors.

Our design is done so that each individual operation is protected by differential selective circuit breakers to avoid a single anomaly from blocking the entire automation of the switchboard.

In addition our switchboards are the only ones to be fed by uninterruptable UPS to be able to always maintain the operation of the AF14 (even in the case of a black-out) and therefore to be able to monitor and if necessary intervene by remote, avoiding possible damage and/or faults to the electronic board as a result of changes in the current or incorrect power supply.


Lighting system ideal for the growth and wellbeing of animals

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Ventilation system based on your rearing characteristics

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Qualified technical personnel at your disposal



With our LED system for poultry farming you can save up to 60% in energy

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With our ventilation management you can save up to 70%

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The loyalty of our customers and their satisfaction.

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